August 2016

Toy Review - Titans Return Soundwave

Operation: Soundwave Review Perhaps even surpassing Megatron, Soundwave is along with Optimus Prime the most recognizable and remembered characters and toys from the 1980’s – even non-TF fans remember Soundwave with a fondess – there was something just so cool about him!  A tape deck that ejected micro-cassettes that turned into animals and robots and
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Toys Review - The Mayhem Attack Squad

The Mayhem Attack Squad, a group of psychotic Decepticons grouped together to follow their leaders evil whims in the old G1 comic (and to give a reason to put new toys coming out into print).  Now decades later we see the group revitalized by the latest Transformers Collectors Club subscription service toys and with a
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Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond

To boldly go where no movie has gone before?  Well, considering this is the 13th Star Trek flick its going where the movies have been going for decades!  Simon Pegg once said that every odd numbered Star Trek movie is shit, considering he cowrote this one lets see if his prophecy is self-fulfilling with Star
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