Video: Big Angry Trev Bungy Jumps!

One week I am taking a plunge, a huge plunge. I am going skydiving.

To be honest, the idea is scaring the hell out of me!  But, with that idiotic male mindset, I fear backing out and not being able to look myself in the mirror more than taking the dive.


This upcoming battle with gravity has reminded me of the last time I did something of this ilk.  My girlfriend and I were travelling around New Zealand in 2005 and we came to Queenstown, widely considered the home of extreme sports.  As we drove into the town my girlfriend, rather cunningly I might add, said “Well one of us has to Bungy Jump while we are here, and I’m not doing it”.  Since there were only two of us in the car, that left me with the short straw.


When it came to the jump, I’d like to say I strode out confidently but in truth I was, if you will pardon the expression, shitting broken glass!  In fact I have to give some of the credit to me actually doing it to the jumper in front of me.  It was a 16 year old girl with her g-string about an inch above the back of her jeans.  If she wasn’t going to chicken out, how could I as a 27 year old man wearing sensible underwear?

So, with every sense in my body screaming at me that this was really stupid, I took the plunge!  IT. WAS. FANTASTIC!  It was so odd that I had been so scared beforehand and then after doing it all I wanted to do was to do it again!  I can certainly see why people by day passes for unlimited jumps.


So, in prelude to my skydiving endeavor next week (and if something goes wrong, thanks for reading folks!) enjoy the below video of Big Angry Trev Bungy Jumping.



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