Toy Review – Unite Warriors Megatronia

Earth, fire, wind, water, heart – go planet!  By your powers combined I am cap…. er… Megatronia!

Yes, the Planeteer’s are all either in prison or selling their bodies on the street and Captain Planet himself is dead from taking a swim in the Yarra River, but a new team wielding all their powers has come along, and when they combine they don’t become a blue guy with green hair and red undies – they become a gigantic female robot bent on her enemies destruction!


Monstructor in drag

With the Combiner Wars over to make way for Titans Return, the Unite Warriors line is also coming to a close with only two figures left.  Today we will be looking at the second last one, a reimagining of the fan-created female Autobot team – the Torchbearers.  While this new team has yet to be given a name, they have a pretty nifty back story and are made up of some great looking figures! So let’s take a look at Unite Warriors Megatronia!

Note: Due to each of these toy molds having been used and reviewed a copious amount of times already, I will be focusing more on the new colour schemes and the characters themselves.



Weapon: Quake Shield

Robot Mode


A little blocky for a Femmebot but considering the mold used not too bad.  I like that she has little scars on her face, very befitting a character who has spent time in jail and now even has dealings with the Chaos Bringer.  The shape of her head is interesting too, almost like an American football.


Vehicle Mode

Knightrider for the ladies

Too much black.  But then according to the comic on the back of the instructions Trickdiamond is worried about her weight and since black is slimming maybe that’s why she chose it. Despite this terribly stereotypical paranoia, I think some yellow highlights on the bonnet would have spruced up the look of her sports car mode that bit more.  Otherwise good.



Weapon: Flame Sword

Robot Mode


Quite a nice robot mode and the red goggles work surprisingly well on her.  The pink peg does not stand out as much as the blue one on her sister and her weapon suits her more than any of the other limb figures.


Vehicle Mode

Combat Barbie’s Dream Chopper

Once again quite nice.  I’m trying to figure out if we’ve ever had a Transformer this shade of pink before.  It’s not the generic ‘girlie’ pink of Arcee or the eye-searing pink you find on say the G1 Seacons.  Whatever shade it is it works and makes her my favorite vehicle from the team after Flowspade. Speaking of which…



Weapon: Tornado Cutter

Robot Mode


Probably my least favorite robot out of the five, simply as she looks too much like Nightbird from the Legends line.  Certainly could have used a new head.  Like Trickdiamond I feel the mold is a little too blocky for a Femmebot, especially after we have had toys like Windblade and Black Arachnia in recent years. According to her character bio she was swayed by Megaempress’ charisma.  This must be true considering the artwork on the instruction manual shows her soaping up her leader in the shower!


Vehicle Mode

Dontcha wish your sports car was hot like me

Conversely, whilst Flowspade is my least favorite robot out of the five she is also my very favorite vehicle.   They really got the colours spot on, it’s a very sexy sports car and I think the best use of this overused mold to date!  Really looks like an evil Con Femmebot in alt-mode should look.  The purple is also possibly a shout out to the fact she used to be an agent of Shockwave.



Weapon: Blizzard Blade

Robot Mode

Water…. (er, I mean ice. Bah, same thing!)

Not bad, is very lithe which suits the character.  The colour scheme is a bit too Chromia for my liking, though she has more black then Chromia does.  I think bottom half of the connector peg could have been coloured black so it did not stand out so much, as it is being in blue cast against the black on either side it is very obvious.  Her weapon also does not suit her, neither matching her colour scheme or the fact that it is supposed to create blizzards.


Vehicle Mode

Sisters are doing it for themselves

A nice chopper and the silver, blue and black all work well together.  The colour scheme could be indicative of that she used to work for Soundwave as a trainee medic.



WeaponsRail Fusion Cannon and Judge Pickel (funniest TF weapon name ever!)

Robot Mode


I’m conflicted about this character.  On the one hand I think it’s a bit lazy for them to just do her as a female version of Megatron, colour scheme and all.  On the other it makes for an interesting back story; she was created out of Megatron’s spare parts and now rules the Female Decepticons.  She also has the power to seduce any Transformer, the naughty minx! The silver on her is stunning and I particularly like her face, imperious yet feminine.  Definitely could steal your heart and then cut it out.

All shall love me and despair


Vehicle Mode

Made out of Megatron’s spare parts. When the hell was Megatron toting an extension ladder?!

The paintwork on her is great and the silver is flawless.   Considering her ladder is supposed to be a rail cannon I would have liked to see some modification to it to seem more weapon like.  Otherwise very good.



By your powers combined…

Again, I’m conflicted.  Megaempress makes up the torso and is the female version of Megatron so the name makes sense, but it feels lazy to me.  However this is a really great looking combiner, all the colours work together despite the fact they should clash, thanks to each characters paintjob containing a healthy dose of black.  The chest works too, the striking purple providing a counterpoint to the more subtle colours.  There is no sixth character here like with the Protectobots and Torchbearers so no motorcycle on the chest which helps differentiate her a little from the competition.  I would have liked to see a new head too, I was never a fan of Victorion’s even if I did have to concede it was novel.  I do like Megatronia’s blue goggles but to me overall her head still looks like  parody of a Native American Feathered War Bonnet.


Destopia Sword

Suck on this every other edged weapon ever!

What a friggin kick arse sword!  Looks awesome!  The fact it can split into five separate weapons for each of the 5 characters makes it even more impressive.  I think it is the coolest looking weapon I’ve ever seen a Transformer toy wield, certainly in my collection anyway.


Comparison between Victorion and Megatronia

There is always an evil twin, just one of those laws of the universe

There are pros and cons here.  Victorion has one of the most consistent colour schemes of any Transformer combiner toy ever, but they are pretty ugly colours.  She also is made up of six characters instead of five.  Megatronia’s colour scheme clashes but looks pretty cool despite she is one character down.  Victorion also was way cheaper and came with a poster and trading card.  Combine that with having six bots and she certainly seems better value for money.

Yew stole ma man! I kill you you bitch!

But I believe Megatronia is undeniably cooler.  I like the individual bots a lot better – both as toys and as characters and her sword kicks Victorions swords arse!  I also found that all figures had nicely tight joints and it’s always telling just how much better the Tak/Tom paintjobs are than Hasbro’s.  It’s just a shame about the price tag – this is a damn expensive Unite Warriors toy compared with most of the rest of the line due to it being an exclusive.  If it wasn’t the last Unite Warriors/Combiner Wars gestalt I am buying I may have skipped it.  As it is I’ll be keeping Victorion in her combined mode and using Megatronia for her individual bots.  Either way, it’s been great to finally get some female combiners in the overall Transformers toyline and if you are a big TF nut you will probably want both these hefty gals in your collection.

Oh those wacky Japanese artists, bless’em all!


Got something you would like to add to this review?  Would love to read it in the comments section below!


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