Tales of the Trev

Think you’ve done something stupid in your life? Well sit back and enjoy the tales of Trev’s misadventures across the globe

Big Old Trev turns 40

There are lots of cool ages.  When you turn 18 you are legally an adult – able to get pissed and drive at will (even if not at the same time).  When you turn 21 it usually signals finishing your higher education and departing off into the big world.  When you turn 30, it’s a
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My immortal words on the Big Screen!

Back in the days when I still held hopes and dreams of being a brilliant actor – adored by the masses and mobbed by beautiful women wherever I went, I mainly scored the highly glamorous  work of being an extra on different TV shows.  Name a bad Melbourne-made Aussie cop show from the 90’s and
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