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The Postal Vote: be ye not afraid!

The Plebiscite Postal Vote is almost upon us and you can’t turn on a radio or television without almost immediately being subjected to discussions of it.  Don’t even think of going on the internet, let alone social media, as everyone screams their two cents in unadulterated rage at the other side.   Now me, I’m going
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It's valid for you to feel stressed

Stress.  Ironically in a country where it could be argued we’ve never had it so good, more and more people are suffering from it in Australia. And I never thought I’d be among those ranks but I’m one of them. Stress is a bastard of a thing.  It stops you sleeping, it stops you eating
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The Blog turns 1 year old!

At the start of 2016, my in-laws suggested that I start a blog in order to provide a creative outlet for the myriad of random thoughts that constantly run through this odd brain of mine, as well as it possibly being a new career.  So one year ago in April of 2016 BigAngryTrev.com was born.
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Pokémon - a beginners guide to child abandonment

Gotta catch’em all!  A sentiment uttered by Pokémon fanatics and pedophiles alike.   Is there much of a difference?  Probably (though both groups made heavy use of the Pokémon GO app) .  Let’s take a look at that damn cartoon eh?  Or as I call it ‘Hansel & Gretel for the new millennium’. The story centers around Ash, a 10
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