April 2017

Ask Trev: How to deal with molting chickens

One of my favorite readers is Madds whom I have greatly enjoyed watching grow into a fully-fledged chicken-fancier.  Once again we have an ‘Ask Trev’ question regarding chooks from her – this one regarding the molt:   Dear Farmer Trev, Yep, me again seeking more chook advice please. My girls are losing all their feathers!
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The Blog turns 1 year old!

At the start of 2016, my in-laws suggested that I start a blog in order to provide a creative outlet for the myriad of random thoughts that constantly run through this odd brain of mine, as well as it possibly being a new career.  So one year ago in April of 2016 BigAngryTrev.com was born.
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Movie Review: The LEGO Batman Movie

The LEGO franchise was always big.  Now with a string of video games and DVD’s as well as being tied in to almost every popular franchise – from Marvel to Star Wars to even Ghostbusters – it is friggin huge! A few years ago we all marveled at the first LEGO Movie.  It was funny,
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