Toy Review: LG60 Overlord

Overlord – a gigantic Decepticon despot!  From the Japanese G1 continuity, he was the staunch foe of Ginrai and was manned by both a male and female Powermaster.  A cool character with an even cooler toy!  This character has become very popular with Western TF fans of recent with his outings in the IDW comics where he has been portrayed as a truly unstoppable psychopath.

This rise in notoriety has facilitated Overlord getting his first toy in a long time in the Titans Return line, and like most toys from Hasbro he has also cropped up in the Takara Tomy line.  So today we look at the Legends toy –  LG 60 Overlord.


Mega & Giga

The two Headmaster partners here are Mega and Giga respectively and each turns Overlord into the Mega or Giga version of himself.  Each is slightly different coloured and sports a different expression for Overlord when becoming the face.  I’ve found the left arm on Giga keeps popping off so you may want to watch this so you don’t lose it.


Mega Jet

Stealthy (bar the lavender highlights)

I don’t know why but I really like the little landing struts that come out of the bottom.  It’s a fairly sleek looking jet and the subdued colours makes it look like it could be streaking silently across the night sky to bomb some Bots.  No visible weapons except for two very tiny lasers in the nosecone.  The cockpit can open up for Mega to sit in, though mine sticks a bit so requires application of a fingernail to open.


Overlord Mega

In this mode I’m a grinner and a leftie

What a big bloody robot – awesome!  This character deserved a big build and that is what they got!  The 6 cannons on one side like the G1 toy are represented but sadly the corresponding panel on the right does not fold out into lasers.  In ‘Mega’ mode the chest panels are closed, revealing the shoulders more.  The nose of the jet becomes detached and attaches to the left shoulder like the G1 toy to serve as a quasi-shield.  Overlord Mega has a great smirk going and is by far my favoured of the two faces.


Giga Tank

The paint store was out of black

Despite the garish colour scheme, quite a good looking tank.  Bulky yet compact, it feels a very solid toy to play with.  Big cannon on the front, detailed tank tracks on the sides and a cockpit at the top that Giga can either fully sit inside or otherwise stand up in to survey the carnage being dished out.  Very good!

Overlord Giga

In this mode I’m a serious rightie

In this mode Giga becomes the serious looking face and the chest panels open to reveal some detailed Powermaster components.  However I personally would have preferred for one of these spots to be empty like both were on the Hasbro version, so that the current Headmaster not in use could reside in the hole.   Some detailing on the back of their legs could have made them look like a Powermaster engine like the original G1 toy.  As it is I put the spare Headmaster in the jets cockpit.



Combined Vehicle Mode

‘I ripped off the idea from Flywheels cameo in the S4 opening credits’

I’m not surprised that this mode doesn’t have a specific name as it doesn’t make any sense!  The best you could say is it is designed for the jet component to whisk the tank component off to drop at the site of a new battle.


Fortress Base Mode

Not remotely phallic

In this instance the original toy (which is on my ‘grail’ list) is far superior.  This is a more compact version with no ramps and one central elongated structure.  The cannon in the middle works well and I like how there are spots for both Headmasters to stand. Connector joins come out at the front so that you can affix ramps from the likes of Titans Return Soundwave or even Overlords sworn enemy, Legends Ginrai.



I’ve never even touched the G1 toy (though by gods I’d love one!) and did not pick up the Titans Return Skyshadow or Overlord.  I even bypassed the 3rd party Carnifex so this is my first time playing with both this character and this toy mould.    I must say I am quite impressed all up!  Sure the transformations are a tad simplistic but with a multitude of modes and two Headmasters this toy has a LOT of play value.  If you have not picked up one of the aforementioned toys then I heartily recommend you give this figure a go – well worth both your money and your time.

Got anything to add to the review above?  Would love to read it in the comments section below!


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