Multiverse Sky Lynx Toys Gallery

The fifth of my Multiverse galleries.  Sky Lynx first showed up in season 3 of the G1 cartoon and 86′ toyline.  We had to wait many years for this very odd toy to get some new versions but great things come to those that wait!

For my classic reviews from the Ozformers site threads I originated about CW Sky Lynx and BH Skylynx see HERE.

For a review of CW Sky Lynx in Sky Reign mode see HERE


Individual Figure Pic’s

Name: Sky Lynx
Toyline: Generation One
Mode: Cybertronian Beast
Mode: Cybertronian Dinobird
Mode: Cybertronian Lynx
Mode: Space Shuttle


Name: Sky Lynx
Toyline: Combiner Wars
Mode: Cybertonian Beast
Mode: Space Shuttle


Name: Skylynx
Toyline: Beast Hunters – Predacons Rising
Mode: Cybertronian Beast
Mode: Robot


Comparison Pic’s

Cybertronian Beast modes
Space Shuttle modes

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