July 2016

Toy Review - Titans Return Blaster and Powermaster Optimus Prime

Well, the Titans Return line is finally upon us.  The successor to Combiner Wars, this line – despite the Titans Return moniker – is pretty much a Headmaster line, with the smaller robots being dubbed ‘Titan Masters’ rather than ‘Heaedmasters’.  So lets look at the first two Leader-class toys – both Autobots – Blaster and Powermaster
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How to Transplant a Tree

Gardens grow (well the good ones anyway), evolve and change over time.  And sometimes what you’ve planted and thought would be a permanent fixture years ago no longer suits the new aesthetic of that area.  Now, the easiest thing is to rip it out so you can replace it with what you want, but if it’s a
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Toys Review - TAV08 Gregevor, TAV37 Megatronus & TAV38 Thunderhoof

The Japanese Adventure Toyline currently being made is an interesting one.  It consists exclusively of recolours from different toylines such as Animated, United and Generations.  Today we will be looking at three Decepticons based on the current Robots in Disguise (15) toyline – TAV08 Gregevor, TAV37 Megatronus and TAV38 Thunderhoof. Note: We will be looking
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