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Welcome to the next in a series of interviews with different Aussie Transformer fans.  Last time we chatted to JP, a younger fan from Victoria.  Now we are heading right to the other end of the country; right up to the tippy-top of the continent to talk to Con – showing collectors are spread all over this wide brown land!

Name or what friends call you?

Con Kosta Iliou


Where do you live?

Darwin N.T.


Your age?



How did you hear about

I heard about Big Angry Trev from Transformers Collecters Club Australia.


Transformers Allegiance, if you had one?



Your Techspec motto if you had one?

‘Justice is a idea not a moral’ or ‘…..YEAHHH!!!’


What existing, official Transformers character best describes you?

Blitzwing from G1, he is a warrior but when times comes for doing the right thing he see past his leaders beliefs and ultimately does the right thing.


Which special ability of any Transformers character would you want to have for yourself?

Mirage’s invisibility


How would you rate yourself on a C scale, C10 being MISB Mint perfection to the lowest C1 ‘junker not worth it even for parts’?

C5, no box but in good condition


Fan/Collector since (year)?

1985 when I was 3


What drew you to Transformers, making you become a fan/collector?

I became a fan when I was in hospital in Adelaide I had to have an operation and my mum and dad were there for me as well as my older sister and so we’re the Transformers to get me through a tough time.


Do you think you will collect Transformers until you die?

Awwww yeah I will do it for a very long time.


Were your family/parents supportive of collecting toys or did you have to hide your passion from them and friends?

No my parents, sisters and friends know how much I love the franchise and I don’t hide that fact from anyone lol.


Have you attended any fan-meets, Fairs, Conventions?

No unfortunately but would absolutely love one day, to meet people and friends I have made through a community would be a really special memes to hope someday have soon.


Any creative endeavours with Transformers (drawing, writing, customising, etc)?

I really like kit-bashing and repainting characters that Hasbro haven’t done yet or 3rd parties haven’t gotten around to like my custom Tarn…then a few months after Master Mind Creations brings one out lol – he is one of my favourites and don’t think I will get a the official knowing what I did to make the one I have, he may not transform but have the way he looks aesthetically.


Favourite series/era/year, and why?

Favorite is G1 from 1984 because the story and character development they took with each character.


Least favourite series/era/year, and why?

Least favorite if I had to choose is 2001 Robots in Disguise mainly because the show did that anime style too much and alot of the characters where to kiddy for me, some episodes are ok but in all I can give it a miss.


Collect any comics (which ones)?

I don’t collect any of the comics even though I have a few IDW’s from early 2000’s mini issues.


Favourite Comic issue/story, and why?

I don’t have a favourite comic but like the universe jumping one with Deaths Head where I think he goes from the Transformers universe to the Dr Who’s, then to a mediaeval Earth and then the doctor leaves him into of the roof top of the Fantasic Four. I like when franchises can merge like that.


Favourite Cartoon episode/story, and why?

My favourite episode is Web World and I like how Cyclonus takes Galvatron to the planet because he thinks he’s starting to go more Loooney Tunes then before and how those Planet of the Apes looking creatures psychoanalysis his brain and he turns a simple object into a gun and start shooting up the place and says “Let me outta here!”


Favourite Character, and why?

I really like Blitzwing because he can turn into a tank, jet and sword wielding gun shooting giant robot, he is the one robot army.


Sexiest Transformers (robot) Character?

Sexiest I would go Firestar as she is a firecracker and not afraid to get a job done.


Which Transformers character would you want to exist for real?

The Transformer I would like to wish exist would be Sideswipe, that way I could have a Autobot friend and a Lamborghini countach lol


Approx TFs toy collection count (or give a range like 200s, 300s, etc)?

300 and counting


Sealed collector or out-of-packaging collector?

Out of the package because I like to display them.


How much do you think you’ve spent on your collecting habit?

Alot…maybe $8000 worth probably


Any rare/expensive figures in your collection?

A rare figure I have is a sealed 1984 Soundwave with Buzzsaw, that is never coming out of his package prison.


What interesting Licensed Merchandise items do you have?

I think the most interesting licenced product I have is a plate that I think came with a mug, it has G1 Optimus and Megs on it.


First Transformers toy?

Optimus Prime was my first Transformer.


One toy you most want?

A really big (like as big as a building) size Unicron.


The centerpiece/favourite toy in your collection at the moment (and why)?

My centerpiece figure I would have to say would be my Knock Off Oversize Predaking because I think that the 3rd party ko guys got it right with the size and the look of each character and Predaking as a whole.


Favourite toy in your early years of collecting (if it was more than 10 years ago)?

Early years my favourite transformer was the Autobot Grotesque because of the gimmick he came with you push the button on his head and sparks come out of his mouth that was cool back then it still is today actually.


Thoughts on gimmick and non-convertible Transformers toys?

I like gimmicks done right but when they are done wrong like mech tech then yeah not a fan.


Thoughts on unlicensed fan-project figures/accessories?

I really like what they have done outside of the licensed of Transformers because I believe that a lot of these guys and girls designers and Engineers I pretty much fans like us and get that image and look of what we remember from the G1 days but then there are other guys out there that do really good interpretations of characters that we remember and I really like that a lot too. I also want to say that if you want to buy knock offs it’s your choice as a collector, if it makes you happy I don’t see the harm in collecting them.


Thoughts on the Transformers Brand over the last five years?

Over the last 5 years I have really like what Hasbro has done with bringing the old school G1 look back and also pleasing the new generation as well as the older generation so everybody can enjoy that aspect I really do love. I hope one day that when I have a family of my own that we can sit there and play together old and new.


Which single TFs toy should every fan own?

Optimus Prime is a must for any collector or fan of the franchise.


Which Transformers toy/product would you give as a wedding present?

A transformer that I would give for a wedding present would be Trypticon because who doesn’t like big robotic dinosaurs I know why do I’d love one for wedding present even though I already have one.

Got any other questions for Con?  Pop them in the comments section below and I’m sure he will do his best to answer them for you!


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