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Welcome to the latest in a series of interviews with Aussie Transformer Fans.  Last time we talked to Michael, an absolutely brilliant customizer!  Today we talk to someone who has also had a crack at the customization game – as well in his spare time brushing up on his Metallikato skills – today we talk to Chris.

Name or what friends call you?

Christopher Turner.


State you live in?



Your age?



How did you hear about

Transformers Collectors Club Australia.


Transformers Allegiance, if you had one?



Your Techspec motto if you had one?

“Do not scorn the weak cub. It may grow to become the brutal Tiger.”


What existing, official Transformers character best describes you?

Bludgeon. He’s a Decepticon warlord bound by a strict code of honour.


Which special ability of any Transformers character would you want to have for yourself?

Bludgeon’s mastery of Metallikato. His supernatural skill with the blade makes him a match for even the most powerful Transformers.


How would you rate yourself on a C scale, C10 being MISB Mint perfection to the lowest C1 ‘junker not worth it even for parts’?

C7 – Out of the box but in good nick.


Fan/Collector since (year)?

I’d like to say 1984, but that was the year I was born so my interest didn’t truly develop until about ’86-’87.


What drew you to Transformers, making you become a fan/collector?

I used to watch the G1 cartoon and I was always drawn to the Decepticons. I always thought characters like Soundwave and Starscream were so cool. I also had a lot of hand-me-down G1 toys that belonged to my older brother and my Uncle.


Do you think you will collect Transformers until you die?

Without a shadow of a doubt!


Were your family/parents supportive of collecting toys or did you have to hide your passion from them and friends?

No one among my family or friends really shared my passion for Transformers but I never hid it nor was I ashamed of it. I have made friends in the TCCA now so I have a lot of fellow collectors in my life. My fiancè is very supportive of my hobby. She’s bought me several Transformers as gifts and lets me display my collection in our living room. My stepmother once remarked that our house looks like a “museum for Transformers”.


Have you attended any fan-meets, Fairs, Conventions?

I was lucky enough to meet Peter Cullen at Supanova a few years ago. He’s a really great guy and it was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I hope to meet Frank Welker one day so my life can be truly complete. As the current QLD Rep for the TCCA I have hosted a couple of meet-ups for local members.


Any creative endeavours with Transformers (drawing, writing, customising, etc)?

I recently collaborated with the very talented John Ryan to customize a G2 coloured FoC Bruticus. Our next joint project is going to be a Decepticon throne.


Favourite series/era/year, and why?

I will always have a soft spot for G1 but I actually like most TF series out there, including the obscure Japanese ones. And yes, I even like the Bay movies and the Machinima cartoons. Transformers Prime is probably my favourite of the most recent series.


Least favourite series/era/year, and why?

I could never get into Transformers Animated. The childish humour, simplistic style, and general “wackyness” didn’t appeal to me.


Collect any comics (which ones)?

I have a fair few of the Marvel G1 comics, and a couple of IDW releases.


Favourite Comic issue/story, and why?

It’s a three way tie between Dreamwave’s War Within: Dark Ages (still the best version of The Fallen to date), IDW’s All Hail Megatron (a fantastic re-telling of G1’s origins), and IDW’s Stormbringer (Bludgeon and Thunderwing… ’nuff said).


Favourite Cartoon episode/story, and why?

Does the G1 movie count? I love everything about that story.


Favourite Board/Video game?

War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron were amazing games. Best Transformers games of all time in my opinion.


Favourite Character, and why?

Bludgeon. He’s a skeleton samurai that turns into a tank. I don’t know what else you need to make him any more badass. Though he’s never appeared on screen, in the Marvel, Dreamwave, and IDW comics he’s an absolute beast. Has to be one of the greatest villains in Transformers history.


Sexiest Transformers (robot) Character?

I don’t really get how some people can find robots sexy. I guess I like Airachnid in the sense that the woman who voices her in Transformers Prime (Gina Torres) is really hot.


Which Transformers character would you want to exist for real?

Optimus Prime. I’d like to say a Decepticon but let’s face it, the reality is an actual ‘con would probably just kill me.


Approx TFs toy collection count (or give a range like 200s, 300s, etc)?

Around 200 or so.


Sealed collector or out-of-packaging collector?

Out of box all the way. I like to display my bots.


How much do you think you’ve spent on your collecting habit?

It has to be in the thousands.


Any rare/expensive figures in your collection?

I have quite a few but the ones that spring to mind are my TFCC Barricade, Titans Return Trypticon, Universe Unicron, most of my Unicronian figures (Galvatron, Cyclonus, Scourge etc) are Takara Henkei, CW Devastator, Jinbao OS Predaking and Bruticus, Micron Arms Galvatron… that’s the tip of the iceberg.



What interesting Licensed Merchandise items do you have?

I have the Takara Soundwave that transforms into a fully-functional Mp3 player. I also have a G1 print signed by Peter Cullen.


First Transformers toy?

G1 Duocon Battletrap.


One toy you most want?

At the moment I’m keen to get my hands on Power of the Primes Rodimus Unicronus.


The centrepiece/favourite toy in your collection at the moment (and why)?

It’s a tie between my MMC Kultur (3P Tarn) and my DNA Susanoo (3P Bludgeon). Both fantastic Decepticon figures that look amazing on display.


Favourite toy in your early years of collecting (if it was more than 10 years ago)?

Probably G1 Soundwave + tapes.


Worst toy(s) ever in your opinion?

Probably the little crab dude from RID. What even is that? What were you thinking Hasbro?


Toy(s) that were most disappointing when you got them?

I hated CW Menasor. Sold him pretty quick. His individual bots were quite nice but in Combiner form he was a dumpster fire. No amount of upgrade kits could make that eyesore look good.


Thoughts on gimmick and non-convertable Transformers toys?

I think certain gimmicks really detract from toys. Sometimes they go to so much trouble to get a figure to launch a projectile or do something flashy that it just ends up ruining it.


Thoughts on unlicensed fan-project figures/accessories?

It’s great to have those options as a collector. Especially when official avenues leave gaps in the market. The fact they exist at all is proof of a thriving hobby.


Thoughts on the Transformers Brand over the last five years?

I think Hasbro needs to pick a direction and stick with it. They seem to change their minds so rapidly about where they want to take the franchise. Constant cancellations and re-boots are antagonizing the fanbase. On a positive note, I think Titans Return has been the best line yet for CHUG collectors.


Which single TFs toy should every fan own?

Any of the CHUG Deluxe Seekers. HasTak nailed it with that mold.


Which Transformers toy/product would you give as a wedding present?

Maybe some Decepticon cufflinks.



Got any extra questions for Chris?  Pop them in the comments section below and I’m sure he will do his best to answer them.


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