Toy Review – RID Twinferno

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  Well to be honest we don’t bloody know what it’s supposed to be!  Let’s try to find out together dear readers as we examine Deluxe Sized, Robots In Disguise: Combiner Force  Twinferno (a double mouthful eh!)

Try and find which ‘Year of the…’ this figure represents


Robot Mode

Coolest. Gloves. Ever.

A basic enough looking robot.  Like all other Doublecross Twinferno toys you have the dragon heads as the hands which always looks cool.  The red is too garish and makes his head blend in with the rest of his body too much.  You can swivel the head to pose him in different positions but his shoulders are that high that it looks weird unless he is really looking forward.    The flame pieces can be placed in the dragon heads to make them look like they are breathing fire.  They can also be put in the holes under the dragon’s chins but this doesn’t really look great.

Flame on!



‘What am I? I’m having a double-identity crisis!’

Ok, what the hell is this supposed to be?  Did G1 Doublecross and G2 Dreadwing smoke some bad Energon one night and come up with this weird amalgamation of themselves, with Tony Stark coming in at the last minute and saying “throw a bit of Hot Rod red in there”?  I mean seriously – this thing is weird!  It’s not a stealth bomber (definitely not with that colour scheme!) and it’s not a twin-headed dragon.  Instead it’s a weird Fuzor-esque hybrid of the two that looks like it’s out of some weird futuristic Chinese mythology.  I guess if you imagined it in real life it would be kinda badass, a bomber flying over the city with two dragon heads hanging off the front writhing and spewing flames, and indeed the heads/necks are maneuverable in this mode.  The flames are supposed to come out the back to show his speed, but once again you can put them coming out of the mouth.

‘It’s a medical condition – don’t you judge me!’



Like all RID toys this figure is almost insultingly easy which makes it great for a young kid but certainly lessens the appeal for the older collectors.


Worth your money?

It seems that obscure characters get these little resurgences sometimes.  A few years ago it was Guzzle who was showing up in the Movie and Kre-O lines as well as the IDW comics.  Now its Doublecross Twinferno showing up in the Titans Return, Tiny Titans and RID lines.  Odd actually that the Tiny Titans version, despite being a subline of RID, is based on the G1/TR version.  Speaking of which, if you want a cool modern representation of this character then I would definitely go the Titans Return version which is twin heads and shoulders above this one.

The cooler alternate version


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