Titans Return Trypticon – the simple hip fix!

Trypticon – the big bad!  The latest Titan Figure for the Titans Return line and the biggest Decepticon toy ever created!

However this titan has a titanic problemhis hips!


Though they are cropping up far less (still occasionally however) in later waves, the first batch of this toy came with some major issues that were in turn causing major damage to a pretty expensive toy.  These problems were:

1: The springs in the hips were far too strong and causing damage to the workings inside.

2: The teeth on the ratchet system for the hips were too big and would more often than not lock together instead of sliding over one another.


There have been quite a few fixes to these problems crop up on various Transformer sites and youtube.  These have ranged from cutting the springs in half to address the strength issue to filing down the teeth of the ratchet.  Some people have even removed the spring and half the ratchet altogether and replaced them with cardboard disks in order to turn the hips into a swivel system.

Well I am here to give you what I believe is the easiest answer to the spring and ratchet problems and guess what?  No cutting, filing or permanent removal of parts is necessary!  Follow the below instructions and your Trypticon will be ready to start smashing bots instead of his own hips in no time!


Before I start I would like to thank Grant in Blacktown and Michael in Melbourne for this.  Grant was the one who came across the method of fixing the spring and Michael created the solution to the ratchet teeth issue.  Well done guys – you both rock!



1 Screwdriver

1 Pair of Scissors

1 Marker Packet

1 Black Marker



Step 1: Remove Trypticon from his box.  Note that his legs come unattached.  Do not attach them yet.  Even if you believe your Trypticon may be one of the ones sans the spring/ratchet issues I recommend being safe rather than sorry. Use scissors to cut the ties and take out the legs.


Step 2: Take your screwdriver and remove the two screws from the teal bracket.  Loosen the 3rd screw on top and remove the bracket completely.


Step 3: Remove the two screws from the black ratchet cover.  Be ready because the ratchet is underneath and the pressure from the overpowered spring will launch it sky high if you let it.  Have a finger ready to suppress its firing.


Step 4: Remove the two parts of the ratchet and the spring.  Now do the same for the second leg.  You should end up with a bunch of parts looking like this:


Step 5: Now to solving the problem.  First the spring.  No need to cut it, all you need to do is squeeze it.  10 minutes of compressing and relaxing the spring in your hand will take a bunch of the tension out of it.  Do one spring for 10 minutes and then see if it feels weaker than the spring you haven’t touched yet.  If so then you have done it right.  Personally I find watching an episode of Rick & Morty to be a good timer.  Half way through the episode change to the second spring.  Yes your fingers will get a tad tired (if you are a hardcore Transfan you have probably spent a hefty period of your life doing repetitive hand movements anyway) but persevere.  Once done replace the springs.


Step 6: Take your marker and draw an outline of the smaller ratchet piece on the plastic.  Then cut it out with your scissors.  Repeat.  This should leave you with two thin, malleable plastic dics.


Step 7: Take one plastic disk and put it on the smaller ratchet piece.  Then place the larger one on top.  The teeth of the ratchet will mush it into place where it will provide that bit less friction for the ratchets future operation.  Repeat with the second ratchet.


Step 8: Place the ratchet back on top of the spring and push down into place.  Put the ratchet cover over the ratchet and tighten the screws.  Reassemble the teal piece over the top making sure that the side with the 3rd screw hole is facing towards the back of Trypticon’s legs – it does make a difference when attaching to the main body.


Step 9: Attach the legs to the side of the body.  Rotate head and arms and stand up.


Step 10:

Go play with your awesome new toy without fear of it breaking itself!


And that’s it!  As stated – no cutting, filing or permanent removal of parts necessary.  Once again, many thanks to Grant and Michael.  I got my Trypticon the day he came out in Australia which almost garunteed he was one of the faulty batch and thusly I had been afraid to open him.  Now I can have some worry-free, titan-sized fun, as can you!

Got any other tips on how to fix a faulty Trypticon?  Write them in the comments section below!


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    Really like this mod/fix! Thanks so much!

    1. // Reply

      No worries – I haven’t had any problems with my figure since I did it 🙂

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    Thanks for the great tip. Works like a charm. But really tired out my hands and also feet. Haha, had to alternate using my scrawny limbs to keep up that pressure.

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    I found that a thick coat of white lithium grease to do the job. However for the tail ratchet i found a replacement spring that wasnt so aggressive at menards.

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    Thanks for the fix. Hip movement a lot easier.
    When taking things apart I noticed one set of components (leg) had some oil applied to ratcheting mechanism while other did not.

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    Work like magic!!!! I’m promoting this fix technic in spanish and crediting you on the coments….


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