Toy Review - MP-11ND Dirge

Dirge, oh Dirge.  Nobody loves you but me. Dirge was my very first ever Transformer figure over 30 years ago and as such he holds a special place in my heart.  For others not so much, arguably the least popular Conehead.  He only ever used his special power of fear-inducement once (as far as I
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Toy Review - LG40 Astrotrain

Astrotrain – truly a mainstay of the Decepticons in fiction since he first turned up in the G1 cartoon waaay back in 1985.  And why not – he is a Giant Robot that turns into a Space Shuttle and a Train!  I’m sorry but things don’t get much cooler than that!  Despite being immensely popular in
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Toy Review - Combiner Wars Liokaiser

Just when you think the Combiner Wars toyline is dead, they keep chugging along with even more obscure subgroups.  This time they have given us a character that you may be unfamiliar with unless you watched the Japanese G1 cartoon series Victory back in the 1980’s.   A group originally named Breastforce (no I’m not making
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