Ask Trev: Should I get chickens?

This question was sent in by Mads of Melbourne: Dear Trev, Should I get chickens? I have a small suburban backyard that I am sure would sustain 2 to 3 hens, happily. People keep telling me horror stories. The food will attract vermin. The chooks will destroy your garden. They’ll go off the lay in
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Here it is folks - we are live and online!

For many years you, the general public, the grease that keeps the wheels of our great society turning, have said “Trev, your wisdom, knowledge and musky aroma have been an inspiration to all that know you. Yet we can’t have access to you 24/7 – can’t you please fix this for us?!” Well who am
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Hobby Farming

A (semi) permacultre professional, Big Farmer Trev has been growing his own organic produce for the past 5 years.  From Asparagus to Zucchini, if it comes out of the ground then Trev can grow it (even pumpkins – the most disgusting of vegetables, seriously – why the hell do people eat those friggin things!).  So
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Ask Trev!

Need the answer to that question that perplexes you so? Whether it be life, love, metaphysical, spiritual, sexual or fanciful Trev can shed light on that mystery for you.  The more interesting a question, the more likely it will get an entire blog post dedicated to it!

Tales of the Trev

Big Angry Trev has been around the world and done a lot of things.  Many of them great, most of them stupid.  Sit back, grab a drink and perhaps some form of nibbly snack and enjoy the antics which have made him… well… not particularly famous, but notorious amongst certain pub crowds at least

Transformer reviews ahoy!

Wanna know what the latest is in the world of all things Cybertronian?  Well Big Transformer Trev will be reviewing the latest in Transformer toys and media to help you know when is a good time to open that wallet!

Meat, Glorious Meat!

Coming soon – Big Angry Trev’s guide to meat!  If it was once walking, crawling, swimming or flying chances are you can lop its head off, sizzle its freshly carved flesh and have the taste sensation of a lifetime!