Multiverse Grapple Toys Gallery

Welcome to the very first of my Multiverse Transformer Toy Galleries.  Here I will be looking at famous Transformer namesakes and how they have been represented across multiple toylines (note: all pics are from my personal collection)

The first of our galleries is a character whom I just got the Masterpiece version of – Grapple.


Individual Figure Pics

Name: Grapple
Toyline: Generation One
Mode: Robot
Mode: Mitsubishi Fuso Crane Truck



Name: Solar Storm Grappel
Toyline: Reveal the Shield
Mode: Robot
Mode: Crane Truck



Name: MP-35 Grapple
Toyline: Masterpiece
Mode: Robot
Mode: Fuso T951 Crane Truck



Comparison Pic’s

Multiverse Grapple robots
Multiverse Grapple crane trucks


Note: You can also read my review of Masterpiece Grapple HERE!


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