Toy Review – LG43 Trypticon vs Titans Return Trypticon

When I wrote the comparison blog between Takra Tomys Unite Warriors Computron and Hasbro’s Combiner Wars Computron it took me about two days to take all the pictures, write up all the subtle differences and overall decide which set was better.

With Legends Trypticon and Titans Return Trypticon?  I should be done by the end of the commercial break.


Here is a comparison of the boxes, the boxes are indeed different.


Here are the instructions for the Legends version that have a comic on the back.  That’s kinda different.

To read the English translation of this comic – check it out on Tets Toys HERE.

Here are the sticker sheets.  The stickers are exactly the same, though I suppose the size of the sheet they come on is different, I guess.

Kinda like getting the exact same meal but on two different types of plate.

The way the Legends version and the Titans Return version have been strapped in their boxes is different in layout I suppose.

Takara Tomy packing method
Hasbro packing method


Now to Trypticon himself, the differences are…. they are…. um….

‘One of these Cons is not like the other one…. oh wait’

The differences are non-existent!


That’s right kiddies – there is absolutely no difference between the two versions – none!  All the things you may have previously been lead to believe, such as the teal was darker and the purple richer in the Legends version are not correct.  That the paint apps are built in and you don’t have to apply stickers like the Hasbro version – false.  The only way I could keep the two from getting mixed up when taking photographs was that I had already applied some of the stickers to the Titans Return version.  The same goes for their smaller partners.

Full-Tilt vs Full-Tilt. No difference
Necro vs Titan Master: Difference in name only


In the end I didn’t even bother transforming the Legends version.  I packed it straight back in its box and am going to carefully store it for a decade so hopefully I can in the future sell it (and make back the extra $80 I paid getting it shipped from Japan) as relatively MIB.  In a day and age where toy producers are conscious that some collectors will shell out big money for multiple versions of an expensive toy for even the slightest difference, I was honestly surprised there was none here.  Not even an extra gun like Metroplex or a new hat like Malibu Stacy!

Is one worth getting over the other?  Nope.  The only thing is that some of the Titans Return versions have the dodgy hips (for an excellent way to fix that see HERE) whereas none of the LG43 versions have had that problem reported as yet.  So if the fact you don’t have to worry about this possible defect is worth the extra costs of shipping to you then grab that one.  Otherwise, unless you are rolling in cash and want to have both types of box to display, go down to your local toy store and grab the Hasbro one.


‘I’m Trypticon’
‘No, I’m Trypticon!’


Got something to add?  Would love to read it in the comments section below!


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    I like to think of the differences in terms of metaphors and the way they are boxed. Hasbro has a dismembered corpse cruelly jammed in a box.
    Takaratomy have a piece of roadkill that was probably an endangered species and is being taken to be preserved.
    I like the box style of TTs one the most. It has that extra bit of class.

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    Wow… by mistake order the takara instead of the hasbro version. When I try to change the order they told me it was impossible and to be patient, that the takara version will come with vivid colors and an extra surprise. … yep… the surprise… a comic book in japanese in the oposite side if the instructions yei!!!…. I hate myself….

  3. // Reply

    By this point some exec. In takara tomy is laughing at us while his taking a look of his online banking getting loaded with all the sales for this Asia exclusive doodie. … they should at least have the hearth to put some extra sticker sheet or some dubious underage plastic little doll dress as a megatron or something with tentacles … shame on takara for desaving stock promotional pictures. .. and shame on my because I let myself get pull to this…

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