Elita One Mouse Pad

Back in May we had a look at the two first wrist-rest mouse pads made with a Transformers theme, those being modeled after Acree and Windblade respectively.

Most people, whether they liked them or were horrified by them, were none the less fascinated and speculated whether there would be any more.  Now a few months later we have our answer.  Another femmebot has let her form grace the pad so that Transfans and netnerds everywhere can click away without thier poor wrists getting sore, that femmebot being Elita One.

And the classiness continues!


Elita One is looking just as buxom as her femmebot comrades here.  Once again we have the soft silicone at the bottom that feels quite smooth to the touch and the top gives you plenty of room to manuver your mouse around when you are looking up websites about, er, morality and self-denial.

‘Sigh… if I want to lie flat, it always has to be on my back’


I actually do really like the artwork here.  There hasn’t been a massive amount of artwork of Elita One.  She has been in IDW for the past couple of years as a warrior space captain, often depicted with her damaged helmet and sitting upon her throne made up of the skeletal remains of the previous ships leaders.  Even without the ‘wrist rest’ parts this is a far softer depiction of her and a nice change of pace.

From the neck up you can actually focus on the great facial artwork rather than the… hoodmeat.


But of course all the rationalization in the world wont get you away from the fact that this is a booby-pad – designed to appeal to a combination of Transfan and Mazophiliac.  Once again, you can leave it in the packaging so that you can hang it on the walls to impress your friends and family if you wish.

‘Why not hang me above your mantle?’

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Competition Time!

When the first two of these mouse pads appeared online a lot of people speculated which character would come next, the majority believing it would be Beast Wars Blackarachnia, especially given her comic art from her Legends toy.  But since we got Elita One instead we are back to wondering – who will be next?

Here is the competition.  In the comments section below list 5 femmebots you would like to see given the wrist-rest mouse pad treatment.  If your list of 5 turn out to be the next five made, even if not in the same order, you win a prize!  I’ll sort out the prizes when the time comes since it will depend on how many winners there are and what – heh – what could be considered acceptable in their households, but it will definitely be femmebot related.  If there are dozens of winners I’ll pop the names in a hat and pick a couple out.


Until that day, Until all look like Elita One – happy clicking!

‘Optimus! Did you commission this “sculpture” of me?!’


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    The next fembots I’d love to see get this treatment are.

    1. BW Blackarachnia (Season 1 and 2 design.)
    2. IDW Chromia
    3. Nautica
    4. Prime Arcee
    5. Airachnid

  2. // Reply

    1. Blackarachnia
    2. Nightbird
    3. Chromia
    4. Thunderblast
    5. Nautica

  3. // Reply

    1. Slipstream
    2. Nautica
    3. Blackarwchnia
    4. Chromia
    5. Just for random, Glyph

  4. // Reply

    1. Blackarachnia
    2. Airazor
    3. Nightbird
    4. Chromia
    5. Slipstream

  5. // Reply

    Most of these are going to be the same guesses for obvious reasons but:

    And to be different but based on the fact that she’s popular and in current media:
    Strongarm from RiD

  6. // Reply

    I’m glad to see you finally did a review on the mouse pads Tev. as for your competition, I’m going to buck the trend. I’m tired of seeing femmebot boobies. I think that is high time we got ourselves a mouse pad featuring movie Lockdown’s sweet sweet buns on with once can rest one’s wrist after a hard day’s clicking

    1. // Reply

      If they end up making one of those – you DEFINITELY win a prize 😛

  7. // Reply

    It must be:

    1. Nautical
    2. Blackarachnia
    3. Nightbird
    4. Chromia
    5. Slipstream

  8. // Reply

    Here’s JC’s list:


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