Transformer Toy Reviews

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Toy Review - RID Twinferno

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  Well to be honest we don’t bloody know what it’s supposed to be!  Let’s try to find out together dear readers as we examine Deluxe Sized, Robots In Disguise: Combiner Force  Twinferno (a double mouthful eh!)   Robot Mode A basic enough looking robot.  Like all other Doublecross Twinferno
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Toy Review - MP-11ND Dirge

Dirge, oh Dirge.  Nobody loves you but me. Dirge was my very first ever Transformer figure over 30 years ago and as such he holds a special place in my heart.  For others not so much, arguably the least popular Conehead.  He only ever used his special power of fear-inducement once (as far as I
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Toy Review - Masterpiece Grapple

Grapple.  Perhaps while not the most unpopular, perhaps the least loved (does that mean the same thing?) of the 84/85 Autobot Car characters.  It’s surprising since the Constructicons were so popular and Grapple was the only Autobot equivalent, but not many people really digged our resident Autobot Architect.  Nevertheless, the 85’ toy was pretty cool
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