Big Angry Trev discusses the beautiful wonderful world of Transformers!

Big Angry Trev visits Hasbro Australia!

On Monday, myself and 14 other lucky fellows were treated to a behind the scenes look at the offices of Hasbro Australia, located in Sydney.  Organized by the operator of Ozformers, this was for a hands-on experience with the newest Transformers toyline: Power of the Primes. After a short wait, myself and my compatriots were
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Transformer Fan Interview - Raymo

Welcome to the next in a series of interviews with different Aussie Transformer fans.  Last time we chatted to Lisamaree who was at the time living abroad.  Today we will be talking to Raymo, a country lad like me who now, luckily for his hobby, lives a lot closer to the big TF shops up
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Transformer Fan Interview - Lisamaree

One great thing about being a Transformers fan is getting to meet other members of the fandom.  Of course that was all but impossible in the pre-internet days (yes kids – some of us are old enough to remember that) unless they went to your school.  Nowdays you can meet Transfans from around the globe
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Toy Review - RID Twinferno

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  Well to be honest we don’t bloody know what it’s supposed to be!  Let’s try to find out together dear readers as we examine Deluxe Sized, Robots In Disguise: Combiner Force  Twinferno (a double mouthful eh!)   Robot Mode A basic enough looking robot.  Like all other Doublecross Twinferno
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