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Meat Review: The E-I-E-I-O Burger

I am a total fan of combining meats.  Despite my rather disastrous ’14 meats stew’ I tried to make a decade ago, I persevere with trying different combos to see what fleshes of what animals will complement each other on the palette. Given this carnivorous mindset, I was therefore very happy in my wanderings to
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Meat Review - The BAB Burger

Today I will be taking a look at the BAB Burger – billed as for The Big Eaters. Available at the Commercial Hotel in Swan Hill, this burger comes in at the cost of $23 so I was expecting that it would be substantial (I’m guessing BAB stands for Big Arse Burger) and was not
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Meat Recipe #7 - Swedish Tunnbrödsrulle

Back in 2004 I was backpacking through Sweden and stopped in Stockholm for a few days for the Smaka på Stockholm (a taste of Stockholm) festival.  While there I devoured many tasty exotic dishes (a lot of which were based around a pickled herring motif) whilst I told amusing anecdotes to drunk Americans in exchange for free beer.  It
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