Hobby Farming

Plan on growing your own fruit, nuts and veg? Or perhaps getting a few chooks and goats? Big Farmer Trev gives you the answers you need to produce some first class tucker!

Permaculture - Building a No-Dig garden

Weeding – truly the bane of the gardeners existence!  They steal the nutrients from the soil meant for your other plants, they grow prickles to sting you, spread fast and frankly are a pain in the posterior!  On my last farm I had a 23m x 7m giant veggie patch and while it went great
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Ask Trev: How to deal with molting chickens

One of my favorite readers is Madds whom I have greatly enjoyed watching grow into a fully-fledged chicken-fancier.  Once again we have an ‘Ask Trev’ question regarding chooks from her – this one regarding the molt:   Dear Farmer Trev, Yep, me again seeking more chook advice please. My girls are losing all their feathers!
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Raising Goats as Pets

Goats.  Sheep with brains.  Reputations for being grumpy, smelly, eating tin cans and destroying any plants they get near.  Why would anyone want a goat as a pet? Because, if raised correctly, they are intelligent, loving, playful and can become wonderful members of your family, that’s why! We have two female Boer Goats – Milly
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How to build a Scarecrow that actually scares crows!

Ah the classic Scarecrow, truly a mainstay of peoples vegetable patches over the years.  Scarer of birds and amuser of children. In the Wizard of Oz it was someone desperately in need of a Higher Education degree, in Worzel Gummidge’s case it was an  inanimate pile of straw turned  sentient being who was constantly trying to
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How to Transplant a Tree

Gardens grow (well the good ones anyway), evolve and change over time.  And sometimes what you’ve planted and thought would be a permanent fixture years ago no longer suits the new aesthetic of that area.  Now, the easiest thing is to rip it out so you can replace it with what you want, but if it’s a
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