Fan Art

It can be a curse, being as beautiful as I. But if I can serve as artistic inspiration for the artistically inclined then it is a burden I shall happily bear.

More Campaign Fan Art from Scottie!

Scottie has been enjoying himself and has been hitting the campaign trail, trying tto get yours truly elected as Prime Minister, or failing that at least as Ozformer Member of the year.  Here are a few more of his artworks – you will note he has used my  half-bearded and fully-bearded phases as inspiration.  
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Fan Art - Big PM Trev Campaign Poster!

Today I was totally blown away!  Scott, a talented fellow who has tirelessly campaigned on my behalf in the past, sent me this mock up he did of what one of my posters would look like if I did run for the Prime Ministership. Considering I don’t even know how to resize a pic 90%
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