August 2017

Elita One Mouse Pad

Back in May we had a look at the two first wrist-rest mouse pads made with a Transformers theme, those being modeled after Acree and Windblade respectively. Most people, whether they liked them or were horrified by them, were none the less fascinated and speculated whether there would be any more.  Now a few months
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The Postal Vote: be ye not afraid!

The Plebiscite Postal Vote is almost upon us and you can’t turn on a radio or television without almost immediately being subjected to discussions of it.  Don’t even think of going on the internet, let alone social media, as everyone screams their two cents in unadulterated rage at the other side.   Now me, I’m going
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Permaculture - Building a No-Dig garden

Weeding – truly the bane of the gardeners existence!  They steal the nutrients from the soil meant for your other plants, they grow prickles to sting you, spread fast and frankly are a pain in the posterior!  On my last farm I had a 23m x 7m giant veggie patch and while it went great
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