March 2017

Meat Recipe #7 - Swedish Tunnbrödsrulle

Back in 2004 I was backpacking through Sweden and stopped in Stockholm for a few days for the Smaka på Stockholm (a taste of Stockholm) festival.  While there I devoured many tasty exotic dishes (a lot of which were based around a pickled herring motif) whilst I told amusing anecdotes to drunk Americans in exchange for free beer.  It
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Multiverse Bulkhead Toys Gallery

The fourth of my Multiverse galleries.  Bulkhead first showed up in the Animated cartoon & toyline and became quite popular quite quickly, going on to star in the Prime cartoon as well. Note: Not featured here is  Bulkhead the helicopter from the Energon Toyline/Cartoon as he is considered a completely different character.   Individual Figure Pic’s           Comparison Pic’s

Pokémon - a beginners guide to child abandonment

Gotta catch’em all!  A sentiment uttered by Pokémon fanatics and pedophiles alike.   Is there much of a difference?  Probably (though both groups made heavy use of the Pokémon GO app) .  Let’s take a look at that damn cartoon eh?  Or as I call it ‘Hansel & Gretel for the new millennium’. The story centers around Ash, a 10
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