December 2016

Movie Review - Trolls

A bunch of tiny multi-coloured misfits living and singing in the forest, happy as Larry with only the worry that some big baddy will come along and snatch them to eat.  No I’m not talking about the gay version of the Smurfs (or am I?), I’m talking about the latest kids movie to hit the
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Movie Review - Bad Santa 2

A foul mouthed, alcoholic, sex-obsessed criminal in a Santa suit freaking out kids and shagging everything in sight.  13 years ago we got introduced to Willy – better known to the world as Bad Santa.  A movie that to this day remains my favorite ever Xmas movie and in my top 10 movies of all
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Toy Review - Masterpiece Inferno

Ah Inferno.  So cool yet so overlooked.  A gung-ho character that was either fighting fires or fighting Cons or dealing with his psychotic superior.  Inferno is not considered a fan favourite by many, but I always loved the guy!  The original toy was great with lots of features and was a good size for its
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